Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The one where I have a moan and feel sorry for myself sort of

I have been having a really crap week this week, mostly I must admit caused by work and not home issues, the issues at work are really boring an are mostly about being really busy and having to carry someone who is not pulling their own weight, and I will sort them out I am just picking my moment.

Because of the issues at work I am finding it hard not having Mr W home, I don't have him to whinge at or to take over some of the responsibilities with smurf just to give me a bit of time of.

In all honesty the fact that my other half works away 3 weeks out of 4 has never really been an issue for me before and I know its only getting to me now because of the other issues, but it did get me wondering about people who have to cope on their own all the time,without any help.  I am lucky although Mr W is not at home I do have my family close by and they are a great help, but there are some mums and dads out there who have no one else to turn to for a bit of support, this is one of the reasons I think blogging and twitter can offer a bit of help and advise or just somewhere to have a rant and moan if that is what you need.

So hurray for blogging and the power of twitter


  1. As a single mum, I have many days where I long for an 'Other Half' to hand Ffion over to if we've had a tough day. I am fortunate to have a very supportive family. Twitter and blogging is a great outlet for me whether it is in the form of distracting me from a bad night putting her down, or an outlet to moan about it!

  2. My Mr works long hours and travels a fair bit - to be honest I actually don't mind, we do our own thing but there are times when I get very lonely and then blogging / twitter are my lifesavers - so glad I discovered them