Tuesday, 13 April 2010

JOY - The Gallery

Only just got back from holiday and was promptly ill as soon as we got back, so I have not had time to blog, although I have some posts just bursting t be written.  However I wanted to post for Tara Cain - The Gallery because I absolutely love the concept and love taking part.

This week the prompt that Tara gave us is "Joy", I knew what picture i wanted to use straight away because the look on the faces of my two men just says joy to me...joy at being together and joy at what they are doing...they both love merry go rounds.  So I give you "Joy"


  1. Fab - proper grins. And the horse is grinning too, great shot!

  2. Just a quick note to say the the Tots techies have fixed your badge code, so if you want to grab it again, it won't have that gap in it!


  3. What a great picture :)
    They both look like they're having a ball!