Saturday, 27 June 2009

Where have you been all my life?

I only discovered blogging a couple of weeks ago, I mean I had heard of it, everyone was talking about their blogs but I had never really looked for one or read any.   But then I was introduced to Twitter and everyone on there had one,  so I thought maybe I should check this out, something must be passing me by if I am the only one in the country not doing it!   It certainly felt like I was the only one not doing it.

Ok the place to start, well seemed Twitter was as good a place as any, I started with some of the people I follow on there, and found there blogs and that was it I was instantly hooked, I love reading them, there is a blog for every mood that you may be in, people who are funny, witty, smart, kind, clever and full of good ideas and not afraid to share them.

I have found some great websites, some great blogs and am having so much fun reading them....I thinkI have finally discovered what the internet is for, apart from online shopping and i-tunes!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Ok so I got this from one of the people who writes one of the great blogs I read,Sandycalico, and its taken me two days to make up my mind what I would write, I have finally managed to work out my answers....had brain freeze halfway through and had to save it and come back;  but finally the definative version is finished.

I am going to however beg forgivness for the fact that I have not passed this on to 8 other bloggers, I don't know eight other people who blog, but I promise to pass it along as I find other like minded souls who find this blogging a great pasttime.

Here are the rules

Mention the person who tagged you.

Complete the lists of 8

Tag 8 other bloggers and let them know.

8 Things I'm looking forward to:

Seeing my Oh who has been working away.

Our trip to Eurodisney in September.

My sons 3rd birthday.

Spending summer days on the beach with my family.

Finally getting a lie in.

Getting a new car that dosen't drink petrol.

A weekend away with OH with no child.

The new football season.

8 Things I did yesterday
  1. Vaxed the Carpet.
  2. Changed the beds.
  3. Scrubbed the decking.
  4. Went to  Work.
  5. Sat outside in the garden painting with Smurf
  6. Took some photos.
  7. Talked to hubby on the phone from where he is working away.
  8. went shopping fro shoes for Smurf.
8 Things I wish I could do
  1. Live abroad again
  2. Play the piano 
  3. Get more sleep
  4. be a stay at home mum
  5. Sing on stage
  6. Speak other languages fluently
  7. Lose weight 
  8. Keep my family healthy Safe and Happy always
8 favourite fruits
  1. Strawberry 
  2. Melon
  3. Cherries
  4. Bananas
  5. Raspberries
  6. Strawberries
  7. Strawberries
  8. Raisins(Only covered in Chocolate, not sure they count).
8 Places I'd like to travel
  1. Safari in Africa
  2. Thailand (Again)
  3. Maldives
  4. Russia
  5. New York 
  6. Mexico (Again)
  7. New Zealand 
  8. Japan
8 Places I've lived
  1. Coventry
  2. Midlands
  3. Stirling
  4. Coventry (Again)
  5. Kirkcaldy
  6. Edinburgh
  7. Merseyside
  8. Scotland
8 people tagged

Now I am stuck, cause I have not been blogging for more than a week, and I dont know 8 people who I am going to answer the questions anyway

    Thursday, 18 June 2009

    Little Star

    I've been feeling really guilty recently about how much time I get to spend with my little man, the hours I work mean that he sleeps over at grannies house a couple of nights a week and I collect him in the morning and drop him off before I start work again.   0y hubby works away a bit so this also means that when he is away smurf has to stay at grannies.

    My mum is fantastic and smurf loves her and my dad and sister to pieces, but its just not the same as putting him to bed every night and waking up with him in the morning.

    So the last couple of weeks on one of the night when he would usually have to stay at grannies, my mum has come and stayed over at our house so he was in his own bed and mummy was getting him up in  the morning;  last night was one of those nights and I was reminded this morning just how wonderful being a mum is and how happy my smurf is by being woken up with him creeping into our bed, snuggling up and singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to me all the way through.  There are times when I could just eat him up and this morning was one of those times.

    And I just think maybe we shouldn't let the guilt of having to work or choosing to work get in the way of enjoying every minute you get to spend with your child and making the most of them no matter how few they are.

    Tuesday, 16 June 2009

    Beginings...Come on Lorraine Get on with it!!!!

    Ok so I'm seeing this blogging thing everywhere and thought I have got to give that a try.  I keep talking about it and looking at the sites, but never actually get around to doing anything about it.
    But then I get addicted to Twitter and start reading blogs posted by some of the mums on there, and they make me smile and laugh and think how just like my life some of them are and just how different others are, and I think how great it is that we can all connect and give support and offer advise to each other just by writing about all the little bits of our everyday life.

    So finally I have gotten around to actually writing something down, and it is a bit of a ramble, but while writing it I have a two year old who thinks it may be a good idea to help mummy on the "puter" by hitting the keys with Handy Mannys hammer and rubbing a strawberry in his hair.  He thinks he is helping and keeping us both amused...he is right.

    Well it was not as hard as I though it would be and even with the very small and  messy distraction, it has given me a few minutes to sit down and think and just enjoy writing about us.