Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Gallery - Portraits

My blog has been getting sadly neglected the last couple of week due to being super busy at work (poor excuse I know).  However I always try to make time to stop by for The Gallery by the lovely Tara Cain at Sticky Fingers, cause I just love it.

This week Tara gave us the theme of portraits, and being the self indulgent type of mother that I am and thinking, like we all do that my child is too cute for words, I have decided to go with a few shots of smurf at different stages of his 3 years.

Smurf as a very small baby, makes me very broody

He is about 4 months old here I think, aren't the cute when they are asleep?

These are two of my most favorite recent shots of smurf, I could just squeeze those cheeks to pieces.

This one is smurf and his daddy catching 40 winks, its a hard life!!

As usual I cant wait to see the pictures everyone else has chosen this week, happy snapping!!!


  1. I have a very similar one of my boys to the top one. Lovely images

  2. Oh my goodness, the second one could be Presley! x

  3. TheMadHouse - thank you, I am sure he is sick of having a camera stuck in his face.

    Mirka - I think so, maybe I am a little biased.

    Sandy - Aww I bet he is a right cutie.