Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Normal Service Will Resume Shortly & The Gallery

We are on holiday this week so I wont be posting except to submit my entry for the gallery by the lovely Tara Cain.

I have really struggled with my entry this week, I mean ugly is subjective isn't it.  The picture I have chosen is a picture like that...I find the subject ugly with a capital UG, but my husband and smurf would have one in the back garden as a pet if they could get away with it.

This is a picture of a what it lovingly refered to by my hubby(who is english) as a highland coo (otherwise known as highland cattle), he loves them, this one was taken at an animal park we took smurf to last summer, it was pretty warm as is evident by all the flies  surrounding the ugly beast.

I cant wait to see how everyone else interpretted this prompt, its a belter.



  1. We have quite a few around Dundee and us non-Scottish peeps call them fluffy coo's

  2. Ugly, but in a cute too big to cuddle way :)

  3. I love Highland Cattle, always wanted one aS a pet. ;0)

  4. well actually I love it
    you can dry your clothes on it
    you can warm up in winter
    you can...
    you can nothing actually, who has one in his garden ?

  5. I love cows and especially Highland ones - we used to call them "big fluffy cows" when we saw them at our local park, til I saw one on an M&S shortbread tin and discovered their proper name. Hmm, confessing my ignorance.And who am I kidding, we still call them big fluffy cows.

  6. Ahhh the Highland Coo =)

    There used to be one in the field behind the prestegous Culloden House Hotel here in Inverness, which was next to my secondary school's bus stop, so it would come and we'd feed it grass across the fence and stroke it.

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