Saturday, 4 July 2009

Looking Back.

My smurf turns 3 next Saturday, I cant believe how quickly it has gone, it seems like only yesterday he was a little blue line on a stick.

I was one of those women who was not really bothered about having children,hubby and I had  a nice life, we did what we wanted ,went where we wanted and generally had a very good time going out, travelling purchasing frivolous

I had absolutely no idea just how much my life would change with the arrival of our smurf (how stupid was I!!!!)

I was pregnant during the world cup, for an avid football supporter a summer of football with no wine was not much fun; and to top it all, smurf decided to make his appearance during the final....hubby was thrilled!!  No need to go into all the details of labour, suffice to say he EVENTUALLY arrived, and from that minute everything in my life completely changed.

And now thinking about the last 3 years with him, I cant count the amount of joy being a mum has brought me, when mothers used to tell me how seeing their kids smile or laugh melted their heart, I used to say  "Hmm yeah really that's nice", but it is the absolute truth, he just completely holds my heart in his hand.

We have not been lucky enough to have any more kids, I have had an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage and  that means no more little ones  for us, but I am eternally grateful for getting to be a mum to my little smurf and while he will be thanking everyone for his birthday presents next week I will be saying a little thank you of my own for having  him.


  1. I love the line about the little blue line on the stick!
    I didn't think I'd ever have children, I'd rationalised it away. Too old, can't afford it, etc etc. Then I met my husband, and he wanted children, and we've been blessed with two lovely boys. Life will never be the same, but would you want it to? I wouldn't! x

  2. No I would never want to be without matter how bad you think things are you always have your own little ray of sunshine..or 2 rays in your case!! x

  3. You felt how I feel ... and it's good to read that I am not alone! Im getting used to it now though, but I liked my life before. Thanks for such an honest post xx

  4. I loved my life before, but the one I have now is so much better because my smurf is in it. It would be a lie to say I don't sometimes wish for the uncomplicated life I had before but I would not swap for the world, because to have missed out on smurf would have been terrible.