Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Its my dad's birthday tomorrow, he will be 64, and although the heart condition that has been with him for years is now starting to show its effects on him ,I am immensely lucky that he is still with us and able to spend time with us and my smurf, who he absolutely loves to bits.

My dad has 2 girls, me ( I know that is a bit obvious) and my younger sister, and as he is a real mans man I thought it may have always been a bit of a disappointment to him that there were no boys in our family, until smurf came along.

I think my dad had given up any hope of becoming a grandad, I was one of those women who never really bothered whether she had children or not, and had gotten to 35 without any so pretty much guessed none were going to come along now, my sister is a really driven by her work and although lovely she is not the settling type.

So then smurf comes along and my dad was besotted immediately, he even came to visit him in hospital.. a great achievement for a man who normally throws up at the smell of a hospital (sorry dad, I know that isn't very manly).

From the day smurf was born my dad has just lived to please him, and smurf loves his grandad to pieces, apart from my OH, my dad is smurfs very best friend, and they spend ages together playing with trains and reading books, drawing and watching football...( well my dad watches, smurf runs trains up and down dads leg).

My dad is wonderful he has always been there for me no matter what I have done and for that I am always grateful, I just never knew that the best present I would ever give him would be a little blond bundle of mischief.

Happy Birthday dad, we love you!!!


  1. Aww that is lovely post, we've recently been through a lot with my daddy (Grandpa to Soraya) and I just feel sooo lucky to have him with us still. It is so scary but you are grateful for every day extra you are given :)

    Love your blog, I need to get writing but find myself reading other blogs all day!

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment,I am the same so greatful to still have my dad with us. As for blogging my google reader gets bigger everyday