Thursday, 16 July 2009

Thomas Land!!

We paid a lovely visit to Thomas Land @ Drayton Manor this week as a birthday treat for my smurf, we have been before but I thought I would give a little review for anyone who is thinking of a trip during the summer holidays.

Thomas Land is just inside the entrance to Drayton Manor and is really almost a separate little park full of all things Thomas...including a shop full of Thomas and friends goodies.

The rides are lovely, with something for most kids who are of the age that like Thomas, and parents are able to go on all of the rides with the kids if they are too small or a little nervous to go on without mummy or daddy.

My Smurfs favorite was Harold the helicopter and his least favorite was "the troublesome Trucks" which is a little roller coaster for kids....he thought it was "too scary", and I would agree it is quite fast and furious for really little ones.

We also loved the trains which take you up the track to the large train themed play area or to the Zoo, Thomas, Percy and Rosie as well as the carriages Annie & Clarabelle, you can ride up and back or as I said get off and walk back through the Zoo and play area.

We spent about 4 hours going round and also taking in some of the more sedate child friendly rides in Drayton Manor itself.

Okay so the important part the cost...Adult and toddler get in for £15 single adult is £25, in effect we would have been cheaper taking an extra toddler....go figure, they do however do family tickets and cheap entry for grandparents also.

The selection of food inside the park is not great and the quality is OK, nothing special but edible, and as always with these sort of places I found it on the expensive side, but in the play area there were plenty of places to have a picnic.

All in all I would say it is well worth a visit if your kids are Thomas mad as mine is and a lovely day can be had by all ages.


  1. Neither myself or Mr C are fans of theme parks or rides! I could cope with the small kid type rides but will have to find someone else to take Squigler if he wants to go on rollercoasters!

  2. I am the same but found I could cope with the Thmasland ones..minus the Troublesome Trucks , which even I founf...Too

  3. It sounds great for kids (proper kids and Big kids)!

  4. They are expensive places aren't they. Small child loves them but I'm not a fan at all and don't like all the nasty rides so always end up having to take someone else with us, hence bumping up the cost. Places like this should do another price for adults that go but don't want to go on the rides and are only there to mind the kids

  5. I definitely want to go there this summer hol. Was it busy?

  6. Hi was quite busy but still didnt have to long to wait for rides, we got there for it opening at 10.30am and that meant that we could get to them early..... well worth a visit.