Monday, 22 February 2010

Missing You Issues

We have been having major issues this week with the smurf missing his daddy. I think I have mentioned before in my posts that my other half works away for sometimes 3 weeks at a time, and although smurf is a real daddies boy and always misses him for some reason this time it has been worse than normal.

From crying when we dropped daddy at the airport it has progressed to crying for him everyday at some point during the day or evening. Whenever I reprimand him for anything he crys and says he misses daddy, makes me feel like a complete horror.

Yesterday we were picking up some clothes that had been left over from staying at my mums and smurf happened to notice his dads rugby shirt was among it, he immediately made a lunge for it and would not give it up come hell or high water, to the point of throwing a hissy fit when I tried to retrieve it from him, he actually cuddled the shirt all afternoon and ended up going to sleep cuddling it.

I know that my other half has to work away sometimes and I know smurf will (hopefully) get used to it and it will become easier for him (I hope), but he crys like his heart will break and it makes me want to join in out of sympathy.

At the moment we will just have to try our best to find ways to make it easier for smurf to cope when his daddy is not there.


  1. Oh it is hard when Daddy's away. MoTH is from NZ and there were a few times when he used to go home when No 1 Son was little and I used to dread it. I think you just have to be really happy and upbeat (even if you don't feel it) and try distracting him with fun activities so he doesn't feel it so much. Bless his heart x

  2. Can someone tell me how they manage to manipulate our feelings of inadequacy at such a young age?

    You're doing great. He was bound to notice, I guess, at some point.

  3. My Mr (and me too when I'm back at work) travel a fair bit - what we've found really useful is Skype - it works on our laptops and the home computer and we can then have an evening chat (better than a phone call although that works well too)

  4. oh bless his cotton socks. That must be so hard for you. So sweet that he held onto the shirt. I'm afraid I don't have any advice as I haven't been through anything like it (yet!) as BB is only 11 months. Skype is worth a try though. Other than that you are doing a really good job :) xxx