Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Splash - The Gallery

Tara over at Sticky Fingers has started a wonderful new feature that is a way to check out some great photos taken by all the wonderful mummy (& daddy) bloggers out there. The idea is that each week Tara will give us a prompt and we then either go and take a great photo or we use one we already have.

Well as someone who has a Nikon in my hand at e
very opportunity I couldn't wait to join in. If you haven't had a look yet get on over to Tara's blog and join in.

The prompt for this week is "Beauty", and I thought for quite a while about what I could put forward as an entry. My first thought was of course going with a picture of my little Smurf, but there are loads of pictures of him on my blog already so I started to have a look through the pictures I already have.

I choose this one.

I love this picture, it was taken in Portugal, we were having a wonderful day at the water park, watching the dolphins, enjoying the pools and gardens and the rides and attractions. The photo for me just sums up the really splashing fun we had and when I look at it I always instantly remember us laughing at the dolphins. So for me the beauty in this picture is not only the animals, which are most certainly beautiful, but also the memory that the photo holds for me.


  1. That's a gorgeous photo, how lucky you were to be so close up to these beautiful creatures.

    CJ xx

  2. Oh I love dolphins. Gosh what a privilege to have been so up close and personal to them

  3. It's a stunning shot and illicits mixed feelings in me - I do wonder if they are trying to escape!

  4. Consider thyself tagged and badged over at mine - come see!

  5. @ crystal jigsaw - I love dolphins and it was great being so close to them.

    @bon bon - thanks although I think it was more luck than judgement

    @selins kingston - I love them too, really beautiful creatures.

    @Mrs W - same here i also thought they were maybe trying to get out and take over, that was really what prompted the shot, thanks for the tag by the way.