Friday, 12 February 2010


I have been a terrible blogger for the last couple of months, and now that it looks like things are going to be back on a more even keel I will apologise for my crapness.

We have been moving house which was where most of the problems arose, not sure what made me think that moving with a toddler and while hubby is working away was going to mean no disruption to normal wrong was I???

We are now in our new house, still with only sporadic Internet access(thanks for that SKY), and still missing 3 doors for the new fitted kitchen...( thanks for that Magnet!!!)

However Smurf loves his new house, he has settled in really well and much to our surprise is sleeping all night in his own bed, this is practically unheard of, previously he would always make his way into our bed if he woke in the night, but since the move and the introduction of a train bed, he now seems content to stay in his room, in his bed....bonus.

So hopefully normal service will now resume and I can actually get back to blogging, I have ideas for posts scribbled everywhere, now I just need SKY to get their act together and give me the Internet access I need to post them.


  1. Wow well dont on the sleeping through in own bed. That is super cool

  2. Sleeping through in a bed is a massive breakthrough. Moving house to achieve it is a little drastic though...

  3. You don't need to apologise - we're here to enjoying reading when you're able to post but don't put extra pressure on yourself

    That said I'd love some tips on how to get smalls to sleep in their own bed ... all night ..

  4. The MadHouse - we are so glad, thought we were going to be having him in with us till he left

    Hearth-mother, yes we do like to go to extremes here, I would have moved ages ago if I had know it would work.

    Muddling Along Mummy - I wish I knew how we did it, but he just seemed to decide he liked his new bed better than ours...for now.