Sunday, 11 July 2010

Happy Birthday Smurf!!!!

My little man turned 4 today, and I'm not quite sure how it happened.  I'm sure someone has done something to that time space continuum thingy that they talk about in "Back to the Future" and speeded up the years.

It seems like only yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital, brand new and dependant on us for everything, now he is so independent its sometimes scary, he now longer needs mummy or daddy to do so many things for him.

I am so proud of the happy, thoughtful and kind little boy he is becoming and the new things he learns everyday, but I must admit sometimes I long to hold that brand new little life in my arms again.

So happy birthday Smurf, love you millions!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your Smurf! :0)

  2. Awww.. Happy Birthday Smurf for the other day!! :) Oh I can barely cope with the thought of mine turning 2 next year let alone 4!! Eeeek!!

  3. Happy Birthday Smurf! Well done Mamma xxx

  4. bless, i have two little onse a girl of 3 and a boy who is nearly 2 and i getting that fealing to of time flying buy,, just got to treasure every moment.