Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Gallery - Men!!

OK The Gallery this week is all about the men in your life, quite an easy task for me since I am going to go down the obvious route and just go with pictures of my hubby, my smurf and my dad..and I might just throw in a little curve ball for good measure.

This is my gorgeous hubby( I may be slightly biased) taken on holiday in possibly the most boring place on earth.  Lanzarote, its all just a little too dull for me.

Smurf and his daddy enjoying an afternoons painting,
I was left to tidy up the mess...typical.

My dad and smurf, they are the best of friends, and have a liking for matching hats.  My dads as great a grandad as he was a dad, Smurf is a lucky boy, he has a fab daddy too.

Smurf, my little treasure, having fun on the beach.

And finally just a little bit of indulgence on my part, the men I spend most of my Saturday afternoons with.   Liverpool FC.
This was taken one day last season.

Can't wait to see everyone elses' men, hop on over to Tara at Sticky Fingers and check it out


  1. Three generations and a full eleven side! Love it! Cx

  2. And what's wrong with Raith Rovers? :)

    Lovely photos - you're surrounded by men aren't ya?

  3. Cheshire mum took the words out of my mouth!

  4. glad I'm not the only one to not rave about a holiday destination and be bored despite the sun!!! Lovely post

  5. Did you have to put that football shot in there? I was enjoying the pictures so much too!

    CJ xx