Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A Letter To My 16 Year Old Self.

This post is inspired by a theme on the writing workshop over at Sleep is for the Weak, this is my first time so be gentle with me.

Dear Lolly,

let me start this letter by saying I know you will take absolutely no notice of anything I say,cause knowing you as well as I do it is apparent to me now that at 16 you think you know it all...please for once listen and hear this YOU REALLY DON'T.

You are bright and clever, your teachers are always telling your parents that, so try to apply yourself a little bit more, you will see that things that came so easily to you now are not quite so easy to grasp once you are past 30.

You will actually manage to pass all of the exams you take much to your parents delight and your relief, but the camping trip you take to Spain as a well done present, please be careful, you are far to trusting and not everyone is as nice as you, do not walk back to the campsite with the really friendly German guy, take this from me when something looks to good to be true it usually is, what happens will change you, but I promise you will be fine and not all men are like that.

One day you really will thanks your dad for making you go to university, yes I know it will be hard work but you will learn so much more than just the academic stuff, more than anything else you do in your 20's your time at uni will make you into a much better person and will eventually lead you to a career you love...I know it is hard to believe you will find a job you enjoy but it is possible to work an enjoy it

Men are not all bad and although you will meet your fair share of tossers (especially the scousers, yes I know he is gorgeous but he is really bad news STAY AWAY FROM HIM). You will meet the one just as you get to your 28Th birthday, grab him with both hands and hold onto him, don't play hard to get and don't muck him around, it will only cause trauma there is no need for. I know you think now that you do not want children, they smell, they are noisy and they mean you cant spend all your money on going out and buying new clothes and makeup, I do however promise you this, you are going to have them and you are going to think that it is the best thing you have ever done, you will feel love like you can't believe.

Your mum and dad will always be there for you, even when you drive them mad, spend as much time with Nana and grandad Phil as you can, and never be afraid to tell someone you love them, life is to short to hold it all in.

If you listen to nothing else I say in this letter please,please listen to this, laugh everyday, love like there is no tomorrow and never sleep on a cross word.


Lorraine (aged 39 1/4)

P.S. People will eventually stop calling you Lolly, but not until you are 35, live with it.


  1. Oh lovely Lolly, eh I mean Lorraine...

    Blimey Spain sounds scary. I'm glad your path lead you to your lovely man and to your children. Guess that's worth kissing a few (scouser) frogs for on the way huh?!

    Great stuff. Thanks so much for taking part xx

  2. Lol at being called Lolly - I am Ellie, Ellie Wellie or Smelly Ellie to my loving family still at nearly 30! Spain sounds terrifying. Its funny how so many of us seem to have not realised how lucky and smart we were (at times) at 16.

  3. ... love like there is no tomorrow...
    That's a pretty good philosophy of life.

  4. I think I may know that scouser - LOL! laugh everyday is a great way of living. Lovely post hun. Cx

  5. What a wonderful post. You're right our 16 year old selves would never listen, but that's great advice you're giving x

  6. Josie - Spain was scary but I believe life never gives us more than we can cope with, thanks for giving us the writing workshop.

    Worldofmummy - I secretly like Lolly, don't tell my family that though, like ellie wellie too, not so much smellie ellie.

    Tim - I think so, its not up there with Aristotle, but it works for me.

    Claire - You probably do I hear he got around a

    Sandy - 16 year olds are such know it alls, now we know our advice is ace, loved your post too.