Tuesday, 1 December 2009

All Change...Again!!

Its been all change in our little world again recently, I mentioned in an earlier post that I had given up my job as it was having too much of an impact on the time I got to spend with smurf, in reality I didn't really love the job anyway and it was not too much of a wrench to leave it. I loved spending lots of time at home with smurf, we had an absolute ball, but since then he has started nursery and I needed something to do in the hours when he was there, as well as still letting granny get her daily fix.

I know from reading some other blogs and from the other mums I twitter with that finding any part-time work is not an easy task, and finding something along the same lines as your pre-baby career is nigh on impossible. I have however been exceptionally lucky and after agreeing to do a favour for a friend and take a 6 week temp job I have ended up with a new job, in HR (my former career) which lets me work hours that coincide with nursery finishing time, meaning that smurf goes to granny for a couple of hours in the morning, is dropped off at nursery then mummy picks him up from nursery in the afternoon. Seemed like the perfect solution, the company are really child friendly, the managing director has two small children so they understand about things like, nativity plays and school fairs and the like.

I must admit I was excited to be taking on the new challenge, until day one of the new job, when smurf screamed the house down when I said I was going to work, he clung on he cried, he begged me not to leave him...it will come as no surprise to you that I left for work feeling like the worst mother in the world.

Smurf had got so used to me being there over the few months I was at home with him all day that he just did not like the idea of going back to mummy being away a lot, I did try to explain to him that I would only be at work while he was at nursery , but I am sure you will know there is very little reasoning with a hysterical toddler. I had moments all of that day where I was on the verge of telling my new company that I had made a mistake and couldn't take the job. However I did persevere and now a couple of week down the line things have settled down and Smurf is fine when I go out to work now and is always excited to See me when I pick him up from nursery, I am loving my new job and relishing the challenge it is providing, I had actually forgotten how much I loved working in HR, its seems so long since I did it. Everything has a downside though and mine is much less time to spend on twitter or my blog...oh well back to the drawing board for time organisation skills.

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