Monday, 5 October 2009

Pampers UNICEF Meme

I have been a really terrible blogger recently, it has been a couple of weeks since I updated my blog, but on returning from our short trip I found that the lovely Carole at Newmummy had passed on this meme.

I think its a fantastic idea and since the start of the campaign in 2006, Pampers with the help of mums all round the world have provided the funding for a life saving Tetanus vaccine for mother and her baby every 2 seconds, that over 200 million vaccines donated to UNICEF.

This year, together with the support of UK mums, Pampers is hoping to raise the funding for a further 100 million vaccines to help UNICEF make this deadly disease history.
UNICEF and the World Health Organisation believe that the goal of eliminating maternal and newborn tetanus could be possible by 2012. UNICEF’s goal is to support countries in achieving maternal and newborn tetanus elimination.

One vaccine is given for every pack of Pampers sold and if you buy from Tesco there are 3 vaccines per pack donated.

So there you go that is a little bit of the background to the campaign and as for the rules of the meme well they are simple -:

1 Open the virtual Gift For Life by going here
2 Write a small post on the campaign
3 Pass on to 5 other bloggers
4 Add the campaign badge to your sidebar
5 Feel incredibly proud that you are helping to make a difference!!

And I am going to pass it on to anyone who wants to take the banner as lots of people now have the meme, I think anyone and everyone should have a go at helping.

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