Sunday, 25 October 2009

Baa Baa What!!!!!!!!

I have been a terrible blogger over the last few weeks, life has been pretty hectic, we are moving house and have been packing frantically.

Today though smurf did something that made me laugh out loud and I thought I would put together a very quick little post to share it with you.

Over the last couple of weeks Smurf has been learning lots of songs at nursery in preparation for his first concert (which I am sure I will cry my eyes out at), we have been practicing them at home and this morning he was singing "Baa Baa Black Sheep" to us, I had never heard him sing it before and for your enjoyment her is his version:-

Baa Baa Black Sheep
Have You Any Wool?
Yes Sir Yes Sir
3 Bags Full
One for The Master
One for The Dame
And One For The Little Boy
Who Lives Down The Drain.

No matter what I said he will just not have that the little boy lived down the lane, so I have visions in my head of a poor little boy living in the sewers with his bag of wool, not sure that's quite the vision the nursery were looking for!!!!


  1. It's so sweet when they get the words wrong. :0)

  2. I agree with A Modern Mother - way too cute :)

  3. That's so sweet!
    There's an award for you over at mine x

  4. Here's one that we sing:

    Baa Baa spotty sheep
    Have you any spots
    Yes Sir, Yes Sir I have lots
    One on my tummy and one on my toes
    And one very big one right here on my nose!!