Sunday, 16 August 2009

Moving On Up!!

Friday was my smurfs last day at what we call Playschool,  he starts at school nursery on Wednesday.  I cant believe my smurf will be putting on a uniform and walking through the gates of the same school I went to over 30 years ago!!!   God that makes me feel so old.

It seems like only yesterday that he was born, all screwed up little face and waving arms and legs.

My precious boy, a child I never thought I would have and never realised how much I actually wanted until he was there squirming in my arms.
He was such a good baby, contented and peaceful, I could pass hours just looking at him. I wanted to hide us away and have him all to myself, selfish I know.

And I have watched him grow with wonder and awe, sometimes unable to believe that this little person is part off me, he is full of cheeky smiles and has an answer for everything...A true mischievous little boy, into everything and afraid of nothing. A child who can melt my heart with a smile and shatter it with word, then make it sing again in second with a little voice saying "mummy you are my best friend in the whole world"  of course this same phrase is used for daddy, granny, grandad and his teddy in carefully given out compliments.

I will watch him go into that school nursery with pride and a lump in my throat, cause as he told me this week when I had the never to call him baby, "I not a baby mummy...I Zak....", my baby is turning into such a proper big boy.


  1. What an emotional time for you, I hope Zak settles in okay. These things are often harder for us than them!

  2. Aaaawww! Tissue at the ready on his first day!! I already know I'll be a big blubbery mess when the little dude goes! :D

    Such lovely pictures too.

  3. Lovely post. These little people grow so fast!

    My Big E tells me he's not a baby to then tells me his full name very proudly :D.

  4. Really lovely post - I'd suggest you have a very large cake on standby for when you get back home after dropping him off. :-)

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments..Whistlejacket..your right being a mummy turns you into an emotional wreck.

    Leslieanne..I have a jumbo box ready. are not wrong , it has flown by.

    Insomniac Mummy...Wish I could keep them little forever.

    Hot Cross Mummy - I will have a chocolate eclair on standby.

  6. aaah, that's a big day, hope it all goes well x

  7. Sandy...thanks funny how as mummy a tear comes to the eye so much easier.

    Nixdminx..went pretty well thank you.

  8. I hope it all goes well. A milestone for you and a very special day for your little one.

    CJ xx

  9. Thank you CJ, it has gone well so far, will no doubt blog about it the pictures on your blog by the way! xx